Our Services

Relationship Training

Unsure who makes up your sales staff? Hint: It’s not just your employees with “sales” in their job description. Increase sales today.

HR Consulting

Build a strong organization by developing a culture of  communication, performance and accountability. Make your human resources a profit center.

Leadership Development

We believe that every employee needs leadership development. Why? Employee engagement and customer satisfaction are key to improving the bottom line.

Effective nonprofit development requires more than selecting individuals with good intentions. Strategic planning, board selection, and training is essential.

Retreat Facilitation

Give your retreat sessions a shot of caffeine! Decades of experience mixed with humor and wit will get everyone on the same page and the results you desire.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills training empowers your leaders and employees to form solid relationships bringing loyalty and improved performance.

Ask Yourself, Why?

Why is your organization experiencing pain? Here’s a hint. Your solution most likely doesn’t include an ill-conceived company shake-up. You need a solid and deliberate analysis that peels back the layers of your company to take an objective look at your strengths and challenges.

Effective business changes always begin with a strategic plan that take advantage of your company’s resources, talent and experience to avoid costly errors.  Our planning process begins with a look inside your company.  We excel at helping you see your business objectively to identify a path to growth.

If you still believe that strategic planning is only for large companies, then it’s time for you to drop this misconception. The truth is, any business of any size can benefit greatly from having a management plan that analyzes, defines, develops, monitors, controls, and verifies solutions.

Whether it’s understanding your industry, studying your completion, developing your people, or creating a long-term business plan, you need to have the right structure, strategies, plans, and controls to ensure the continuous growth of your business.

Our partnership with your company is founded on complete transparency, meaning you get the unfiltered truth that will help you grow. As your business consultant, we partner with you to develop and implement growth strategies you need – not just what you think you want.

BlackRain Partners offers the soft skills training courses Florida employees (and nationwide) need to get more involved in the strategic planning process We believe that by helping them take ownership of the plan, they’ll be more inclined to get involved and help you reach your goals.

Our focus on your company includes:

Dream. Plan. Grow. Enjoy!

Strategic planning is necessary to achieving your goals. Streamlining everyday company operations is key to ultimately improving your bottom line. Without a plan in place, you may quickly find your business spinning out of control.

We guide you to take advantage of your company’s resources and talent to avoid costly change management mistakes.

We’ll help you get there.

Even the world’s best athletes rely on a coach to improve and remain successful.

Without a vital outside perspective, you will never identify the business weaknesses holding you back.

We work alongside you to hold your team accountable to stay on track and not stray from your company’s mission, vision and goals.

Build a strong company culture.

During the initial gap analysis, we develop an understanding of your current  and your desired company culture.

Gathering executive, management and employee feedback, we empower and engage the team throughout all of our processes with your change management initiatives as our primary focus.

Unfiltered, No Nonsense, Truth.

Our partnership is founded on complete transparency, meaning you get the unfiltered truth that will help your business grow.

As your business consultant, we partner with you to develop and implement growth strategies you need – not just what you think you want. We tell the truth, not what you want to hear.


We tell the truth.

We understand that the toughest messages to receive also contain information necessary for continued growth. BlackRain works to instill confidence and ensure an atmosphere of trust among our clients and community partners.


We ask the tough questions.

Planning for the future. We identify existing and potential opportunities, as well as obstacles to growth that otherwise would remain camouflaged.


We listen to the answers.

We distill and synthesize information from all available sources, communicating the relevant messages to client leadership. We can help our clients deploy resources appropriately to maximize effective goal achievement.


We collaborate.

Identifying issues, obstacles and challenges isn’t even half the battle.  We facilitate the discovery of alternative solution paths and help you identify the best route to achieve sustainable growth.