4 Important Tools That Should Be Included in Every Sales Training Program

sales trainingThere’s no doubt about it, sales is a vast market and it can be found in any industry worldwide. Chances are when you think of a salesperson you think of a smooth talker that can sell you the shirt off your back. While some people are just natural salespeople, a truly excellent company sales team depends deeply on employee education. If sales employees don’t go through an adequate employee development training program, then they won’t be able to really gain repeat customers, which can be detrimental to your business.

However, since sales is so vast, some managers decide to develop their own training programs. While this can be beneficial in a sense, it may ignore some crucial information. So here are some tools that should be included in every sales training program.


The idea behind micro-training is simple, you go over a few small details of training every day. Doing this instead of inundating the employee with a bunch of information leads to organic learning and will not overwhelm them. Too much training at one time can be too much of a good thing and can lead to frustration and decreased productivity.

Organization via a quarterly sales plan

If your sales people don’t understand their end goal, then they will not know what they are performing for. Make sure to establish a quarterly sales plan not only for the organization it will bring to the team, but so you are transparent with the employee’s goals. Plus, this will serve as a valuable resource to any new employee.

A weekly sales meeting with a consistent agenda that does not change

It is all too easy for sales meetings to become unorganized and confusing for someone that is new. Establishing a consistent agenda that doesn’t change every week is a great way to get someone new acclimated to how your company works, what to expect when it comes to sharing numbers, and how to create a sustainable goal.

Personality training

While 77% of employers think personality skills are just as important as hard skills, 16% find them more important. This is especially true for sales, as your salespeople need to be able to create lasting connections. While your new employees most likely have already good personal skills, it doesn’t hurt to add some tips and tricks that you have found to work within your certain niche into the sales training.

With these sales training tips in mind, you will be setting your employees up for both personal and company-wide success. Just remember to take training one day at a time, and you will slowly but surely develop a team you can count on.

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