3 Tips To Developing An Employee Learning Program At Your Company

employee development planCreating an employee development plan, especially one that aids in employee training and education, is a challenge for every business. You want to create a program that works with the employees and makes them feel engaged and actively learning, after all. Considering that only one-third of Americans are actively engaged at work every year, doing it well isn’t easy.

Approximately $164.2 billion dollars was spent on employee development plans and employee learning in the last decade. It remains one of the most important issues that HR executives and their personnel face. So to help you create an excellent employee education program, we’ve created a list of things you have to do.

  1. Bring Out Manager’s Passions To Teach – You need to teach your managers the importance of employee development and engage with them in a form of coaching and mentoring. They can pass on their skills to their employees, and help keep them engaged in work. In an increasingly complex and competitive world, these skills and lessons have fallen to the wayside, and it can be hard for managers to find the time to schedule these coaching sessions. You can help by supporting and providing incentives for them to engage in this behavior.
  2. Create An Ever Evolving Plan – Skills and knowledge can become obsolete in a few month’s time, a far cry from the years and decades of the past. You need to make changes to your employee development plans often and make sure that your managers know about them. Your organization needs to rethink how learning happens and re-approach it once information becomes dated. You need to give the right information in the right intervals to avoid creating an information overload.
  3. Teach Employees To Further Themselves – Creating a structured and one-size-fits-all styled learning plan doesn’t work anymore. Individuals need to be the ones that create and direct their own learning processes, basing it on how they learn and what works for them. You need to help them, however, to keep them involved in the company and the process of learning. Developing their talents is vital to your organization’s success, and having more skilled workers can be a good thing for many companies.

So if you’re looking to develop an employee development plan for your organization, keep these things in mind. In addition, you can reach out and contact us for more information and assistance. We’ll be happy to help you get on the right track.

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