importance of employee development

As a business owner, you probably rely on your managers to keep everything running smoothly by leading and motivating your team of employees. While there are countless attributes that a great manager needs to possess, one of the most important is having excellent communication skills. Unfortunately, too many managers lack these skills, which can have… Read More

small business programs

In both educational settings and many corporate cultures, the acquisition of hard skills tends to dominate. An employee resume will typically highlight these skills, which often include degrees and certifications, language proficiency, or experience with computer programs. But the truth is that 77% of employers believe soft skills, or personality skills, are just as important… Read More

Employee Empowerment equals Change Management

Employee development training empowers your employees, and by doing so, you teach employees to ‘own’ their jobs and appreciate why they’re doing it. This generates excitement and promotes involvement in every level of your organization. As employees are given more trust and authority to do their jobs, they will be more open to feedback and… Read More

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