employee development plan

Creating an employee development plan, especially one that aids in employee training and education, is a challenge for every business. You want to create a program that works with the employees and makes them feel engaged and actively learning, after all. Considering that only one-third of Americans are actively engaged at work every year, doing… Read More

Facilitation Services

We provide facilitation services to help make your meeting or retreat impactful. We help you from A to Z including setting up the agenda based on desired outcomes and providing post mortem follow-up to ensure your people are being accountable for actions they have taken ownership of during the retreat or meeting.     #facilitation… Read More

employee development activities

In communication, listening and speaking should be given the same importance. And yet, only 45% of our time when communicating is spent listening. Less time spent actively listening means that there is less emphasis being placed on really understanding what is being said. For businesses, this is particularly problematic. That is because the less something… Read More