Success Stories

Your Glimpse at Our Past Performance 

BlackRain team focused

As dedicated business growth professionals, our entire team at BlackRain Partners takes pride in delivering the consultation and growth strategies that result in successful clients. From helping drive a 200% increase in sales for one company in their first year on our system to pushing a nonprofit’s donations 300% higher, we feature the experience to propel your growth.


Browse our success stories below for examples of our system in action. From startups to established companies, we’ve led businesses across numerous industries to a rainfall of new growth and profits. 


Please note: We respect and protect the confidentiality of our clients, so we will never reveal individual or company names without permission.

Construction Executive Services Growth grant win of $212K
Engineering Firm Streamlining Sales, Client Relationship Management More accountability; On track for 5-year goals
Nonprofit Expansion – Strategic Plan; Development & Implementation Expansion of programs; Awarded state contract of $60 million
Urgent Care Healthcare Leadership Development – Tailored Training Improved organizational health; Increased revenue
Information Technology Leadership Development; Community Engagement Revenue increase to TOP line by 10%
Nonprofit Leadership Development; Board Advisory Services Increased community awareness; Expanded of Board of Directors membership & expertise
Construction Streamline Processes Profit margin exceeding 27%; Increased productivity
Nonprofit Organizational Health; Leadership Development Implemented new Development Officer; Increased community awareness
Healthcare Relationship Management Program; Leadership Development 27% increase in revenue; Increased productivity & efficiency
Information Technology Client Relationship Management Program; Community Engagement 200% increase in sales; Profit margin exceeding 25%
Nonprofit Marketing, Branding and Fundraising Campaigns 300% increase in dollars; Grant win of $50k
Home HealthCare HR Audit; Benefits Analysis Brought government contractor into compliance with OFCCP and with HealthCare Reform requirements; Avoided large penalties & fines
Legal Nonprofit Employee Engagement Survey, Policies Analysis Defined employee and business pain points; Developed programs to resolve
Technical/ Science Analysis of HR Practices, Streamlining of Procedures, Implementation of Efficient Resources Reduced overall HR costs (labor and expenses) by 35%; Decreased time-to-hire from 12 days to 2 days