About Us

Mission Vision Values

Our Mission: To drive the changes that deliver the results for our client’s desires.

Our Vision: To provide organizational development and operational services for today and strategic planning services for tomorrow so that our clients will achieve sustainability.

Our Values: Honesty, Ethics, Transparency

Our experience, people and approach

We ask the tough questions.
 We identify existing and potential opportunities, as well as obstacles to growth that otherwise would remain camouflaged.

As dedicated business growth professionals, our entire team takes pride in implementing the strategies that result in success. We feature the experience to propel your growth. From startups to established companies, we’ve led businesses across numerous industries to a rainfall of new growth and revenue.

We listen to the answers.
 We distil and synthesize information from all available sources, communicating the relevant messages to client leadership. We help you deploy resources appropriately to maximize effective goal achievement.

Our team of business-minded experts has decades of experience in for-profit, non-profit and government agencies. We are passionate, loyal and dedicated to your mission and your bottom line. 

We tell the truth, then collaborate.
 We understand that the toughest messages to receive also contain information necessary for continued growth. BlackRain works to instill confidence and ensure an atmosphere of trust among our clients and community partners. Identifying issues, obstacles and challenges isn’t even half the battle.

Your BlackRain team functions as a “client advocate.” We facilitate the discovery of alternative solution paths and help you identify the best route to achieve sustainable growth. We help our clients deploy resources appropriately to maximize effective goal achievement.

BlackRain Partners Process

BlackRain utilizes a proven training and coaching process tailored to your industry, your team experience and your office. It’s not torn from the pages of an over-used business book with yesterday’s techniques that do not deliver results.

The process includes the following important steps:

1. Identification

Your sales team sits on the frontline and is the face of your company, but do you really know their specific talents? Do you have hunters or farmers? Your operations team supports and interacts with your customers and their demands. Is the customer experience a good one? Can it be improved, become more efficient, drive sales or is it costing you money in the form of lost productivity or increased labor costs? BlackRain Partners begins by identifying the skill set, experience, and motivation for your team.

2. Planning

Plan your work and work your plan! After identifying the skills, experience and motivation for your team, we begin with the basics. We implement strategic planning to forecast the most effective measurable processes that deliver the desired results – increased revenue and sales. Our unique and powerful planning process requires an investment of time and effort, but this vital preparation will yield training with the greatest results.

3. Training and Coaching

Most consultants recommend training. We actually tell you, show you and then do it with you. From role playing and having tough conversations with employees to networking, cold calling/ warm calling and closing, every successful behavior is mapped out and internalized through active, hands-on training. 

4. Accountability

Even the most expensive GPS is useless if you don’t have a place to go. By involving as many employees as possible, we give your team a destination and show them HOW to measure every step of their route. Working with you, we develop a unique program of peer-to-peer accountability that helps your team feel connected to company goals and results, which motivates and excites them to perform at their best. 

5. Measuring

 Most consultants avoid measurement out of fear that it will expose weaknesses in their training. We don’t! Careful measurement determines your success rate and areas needing improvement. Our objectivity includes comparing results to key benchmarks from not only your company but within the industry. Developing employee based committees, analyzing employee engagement surveys as well as constantly reviewing Revenue Generating Activity also finds additional opportunities that drive revenue and increase sales.

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