Welcome to BlackRain Partners

People. Performance. Profits. It’s what we do!


We consult, guide, advise, develop and implement business strategies.

Quite simply, we fix today’s employee-centric business problems while growing leaders for tomorrow. Our entire purpose is to get your business running profitably and with long-term sustainability.

Our expertise is:

  • Employee & Leadership Development
  • Executive & Manager Coaching
  • HR & Corporate Culture
  • Increasing Sales & Revenue
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Non Profit Strategy

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BlackRain Partners: We partner with you to bring the rain and keep your financials in the black!

At BlackRain Partners, “Making Rain” is all about driving revenue by placing focus on strategy and relationships. True prosperity and sustainability keeps you in the black: BlackRain.

Our name defined:

  • Rain is in reference to rainmaker and denotes an individual who creates a large amount of business and consistently brings in revenue at critical times by placing focus on internal and external relationships.
  • Being in the Black is a financial term denoting positive values, as opposed to red ink that denotes the loss of revenue.

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How Do We Do This?

We ask a lot of questions!

We interview or survey all levels of employee’s, board members and even customers. We find the root cause of the business problem and work with you to develop and implement solutions.

 Nine times out of ten, the root cause is people and processes. We engage your team to determine the corporate culture, uncover gaps in staffing, leadership or internal workflows, analyze your sales or fundraising processes and ultimately implement custom people-centric solutions that will last long term.

We do not put a Band-Aid on the symptom! We find the cause and help you fix it.

Expect a lot of questions from BlackRain Partners. We dive deep and peel the onion layers one layer at a time until we find the root cause(s) of the problem you are experiencing.

The best time to call BlackRain Partners is if you are: (1) experiencing rapid growth, (2) are stagnant and desire growth or (3) are in need of succession planning and an exit strategy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

BlackRain is a can do, will do partner in business. They have never stated something could not be accomplished that was requested of their firm. BlackRain is quick to react and results-focused.
Maria ChiantelloPresident/ CEOThe Grove Counseling Center
They work very hard to understand the organization and issues before providing advice. They give adequate attention and consideration to concerns about the project, and incorporate them into the solution. They are also extremely flexible.
Jeff HarveyDirector of OperationsCommunity Legal Services of Mid Florida
BlackRain Partners became a true partner to McCree General Contractors and Architects and in helping us achieve our goals. Cynthia and the BlackRain team are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun...which is why we continue to hire them time and time again!
Cindy McCree-BodineVP Marketing & HRMcCree General Contractors and Architects
We are very pleased with Wendy Sellers and BlackRain. We could not ask for a better company to call on. BlackRain goes above and beyond all expectations!
Shirley PondHR ManagerNirvana Health Services
BlackRain's coaches have great personalities and are great public speakers. They are very insightful and thought provoking.
Dr. Swannie JettHealth OfficerDepartment of Health, Seminole County
I just wanted to thank you for the employee development training on communication. It was informative, and fun. And to emphasis that point, it was the talk among staff all day yesterday! If you can suggest other team building presentations that we could schedule for a future date – that would be terrific.
AdministratorAdministratorUpchurch Watson White & Max
BlackRain Partners has been an integral part of our overall strategy and growth efforts. They bring a fresh, energetic and reality based approach that has worked well for the Chamber of Commerce.
Frank HaleGreater Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce