Our goal is to arm you with the right tools for long term success. If you need to be connected with an expert in any field, we can help you! In the meantime, find Case Studies, White Papers, Sample Programs and Recommended Reading below. Begin making rain today!

Complimentary Community Workshops


Professionals from all over Florida hone their business skills through our complimentary Leadership Incite Series workshops. This series gives you real-world tools you can use to develop leaders, spot growth opportunities and drive both productivity and profit. You’ll never want to attend one of those stuffy corporate workshops again.

Register using our Facebook Events Page to see details including seminar topics, locations and registration instructions. We look forward to your attendance.

Process Diagram in A Meeting Table — Employee Traning and Development in in Orlando, FL

Case Studies


With custom business strategies, our team has amassed a wide portfolio of case studies, including:
  • HR Streamlining for Efficiency and Rapid Growth – Private DOD Contractor
  • Increasing Sales and Sustainable Growth – Private Entity
  • Growth Strategies & Rebranding – Non Profit HealthCare
  • Improving Engagement, Retention and Reputation – Workforce Agency
  • Improving Employee Engagement and Communication – Community Health Agency
Review the BlackRain Partners case studies to discover how we’ve transformed businesses into profitable industry leaders and helped second-stage companies expand into the national and international market.
Work Related Matters — Employee Traning and Development in Orlando, FL

Workforce Agency

Improving Morale — Employee Traning and Development in Orlando, FL

Morale and Engagement

Human Resources Consulting — Employee Traning and Development in Orlando, FL

HR Consulting

Increasing Sales — Employee Traning and Development in Orlando, FL

Increasing Sales

Build Great Culture — Employee Traning and Development in Orlando, FL

Build Great Culture


Dear HR Lad Q&A


Dear HR Lady — Employee Traning and Development in Orlando, FL

White Papers


Read our complimentary report about Common Sense, Emotional Intelligence and the 5 Generations in the Economy.
Common Sense, EI and the Fiver Generations 1 — Blackrain in Orlando, FL
Read our complimentary report “5 Ways to Destroy Your Business and How to Stop Today”.
You may be doing more harm than good. Read this White Paper today!
Common Sense, EI and the Fiver Generations 2 — Blackrain in Orlando, FL

Seminar Samples



Sample Programs


All of our leadership development modules are customized to meet your needs and goals. Your desired outcomes are at the forefront of every session. See our hands-on approach in action for yourself by attending our community based seminars. Find more on our seminar tab.

Review the BlackRain Partners “Sample Course Summaries” to discover how we motivate, engage and educate employees towards improved communication and productivity. Also, review our affordable Programs for Small Businesses and Leadership Retreat Programs.
Strategic Planning — Blackrain in Orlando, FL

Strategic Planning Retreat Programs

Leadership Programs — Blackrain in Orlando, FL

Leadership Retreat Programs

Sample Course — Blackrain in Orlando, FL

Sample Course Summaries


Recommended Reading


Business growth doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes education – a strategy for success and dedicated implementation. Our team at BlackRain Partners is a group of voracious readers always looking for a new technique or perspective. See what we’ve been reading lately and how these resources may help give you the edge your company needs.

If you have any questions about our recommended reading list, please just contact us for a fast answer.