Relationship Training

Tailored Training and Coaching
Unsure who makes up your sales staff and needs this training? Hint: It’s not just your employees with “sales” in their job description.

Sales and customer service training based on relationships drives excellence with a personalized, intimate approach that evaluates your team’s potential and guides them to the highest productivity possible.

Training and coaching that takes your team from average to amazing!

If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted. –Frances Bacon
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Increase sales by as much as 10% in as few as 90 days by placing a focus on existing relationships.
Simple Client Relationship Management Techniques that Deliver Results
  • 1 in 14 chance of doing business with a stranger
  • 1 in 4 with a warm introduction or referral
  • 1 in 2 with someone you already have a relationship with. You spend 10 times more money and resources gaining new customers than retaining existing ones.
An existing relationship includes an existing client, past client, colleague in the community or someone you made sales contact with before. By keeping these relationships strategically close, you actively stay connected and have viable opportunities in the pipeline.
Without a written client relationship management program and process, you’re letting valuable sales and revenue slip through the cracks. Out of sight – out of mind!

Our team at BlackRain Partners specializes in helping you implement a process that maintains existing relationships with minimal effort for maximum return.
The process involves these selling steps:
  • Why should they choose your company?
  • What problem does your product or service solve?
  • Who is your target market?
  • When does the prospect need this product or service?
  • Where can they get your product or service?
  • Approach: Focus on the relationships – Internal and External
  • Numbers Game: Quality vs. Quantity
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Donor Development Strategies for Thriving Nonprofits
With more and more nonprofits competing for the same funds, donor development is an essential part of any nonprofit’s efforts. In addition to presenting a clear message, well-organized structure and demonstrated the commitment to your cause, your nonprofit must also incorporate donor development strategies that increase awareness and community support for your cause.
BlackRain Partners is extremely committed to serving the greater good of building awareness for our mission of ‘protecting and inspiring every child every day’. This passion and dedication directly resulted in making our annual event such a success, driving a 500% increase in support.

-President & CEO, Nonprofit in Support of the Child Welfare System
We partnered with BlackRain for Marketing / Branding Strategy services as well as to guide us through our Fundraising Campaigns. Our investment resulted in 300% increase in dollars and a grant win of $50,000. ~ President, Non Profit