Organizational Health Assessment


Build a Thriving Culture


How would you characterize the relational health of your organization? Does the work environment bring out the best in people and allow them to thrive? Or is there a toxic climate that is diminishing employee morale and engagement?
Leaders who want to lead successful, high-performance organizations and teams must be able to answer these questions. To help you assess your organization, Dr. Jeremy Couch, a BlackRain Partners Leadership Coach, developed the Organizational Health Assessment (OHA), a survey instrument that measures how employees, managers, and leaders perceive the culture and relationships in their organization. The OHA is designed to evaluate and analyze four key behavioral indicators within an organization:
Organizational Health Framework — Blackrain in Orlando, FL
  1. Mutual Trust – having belief and confidence in one another.
  2. Transparent Communication – displaying authenticity and openness
  3. Open Accountability – showing personal responsibility for one’s actions.
  4. Team Unity – working together to achieve success for the organization.
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