People Are Your Greatest Asset


It is often said that a company’s greatest asset is its people. Employees are indeed a powerful resource and when effectively engaged, provide an impressive return on investment and separate your company from the competition.

Together, we will develop and align your HR strategies with your company’s overall strategy. This ensures that your human resources activities are linked with the company’s mission, vision and values. We keep your budgetary constraints at the forefront of our thought processes while limiting risk and improving cost control to positively affect both revenue and profit.
HR Consulting — Employee Training and Development in Orlando, FL
Our team’s support of your Human Capital include:
Change Management
Employee Relations and Communications Strategies
Strategic HR Services


Invest in Your Work Force


BlackRain Partners human resources services create an emotionally invested workforce that keeps your company’s best intentions in mind. It involves implementing strategies to help each staff member see themselves as an essential asset who plays a clear role in the company’s success. With decades of HR experience, our professionals ensure you have the winning team you need to support your business’s continued growth – whether you have 25 or 4,000 employees.

Discover how the BlackRain professionals can help you manage your human capital and resolve difficulties with minimal impact to your company’s bottom line.


Do Employee Benefits Confuse You?

Health care reform can be a complicated matter. Understand the basics, stay informed and make the best benefits decisions for your business. Increasing health care costs continue to drive demand for voluntary benefits options. Discover how voluntary benefits can benefit your business – at no cost to the employer.
Look no further! Let us introduce you to our friends at AFLAC.
Benefits at No Cost to the Employer