Corporate Retreat Facilitation

An interactive corporate retreat is an amazing tool for a team that has something important to work on whether it relates to annual strategic planning, non-profit board strategy, conflict resolution, change management, a new initiative, board advisory and development, leadership training, or sales planning.

We understand the importance of having key personnel deeply involved. In order to be truly involved as a participant, one should not be facilitating the session. Often, retreats have outspoken attendee’s, a full agenda and a short time period, which may leave you feeling frustrated with the lack of results. We understand that you need to make decisions and agree on specific items.
BlackRain Partners will give your retreat sessions a shot of caffeine and ensure everyone leaves energized and on the same page! The days of boring, sleepy, slow-paced company retreats are gone! From initial logistics to team communication to achieving desired outcomes, we will be with you every step of the way. Here are the components of our retreat facilitation services:
  1. Planning and logistics
  2. Building an agenda
3. Team communication
4. Team building/fun
5. Achieving desired outcomes
6. Post-retreat follow-up
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From the planning phase to the follow-up phase, we will ensure the goals are clearly spelled out and action items are assigned to select staff or committees with deadlines. We also provide post-mortem follow-up to ensure your people are being accountable for actions they have taken ownership of during the session. Plus, our retreat facilitation approach guarantees that your group will laugh and have fun with team-building activities gently placed throughout the agenda to ensure relationships are strong and united!

We provide retreat facilitation services to help make your meeting or retreat impactful. At BlackRain Partners we work with your leadership to facilitate the retreat with a firm focus on your desired results, not our desired results. We also offer facilitation services as a moderator for conferences, community initiatives and market research events.