Board Development

Nonprofit Board Development: Supporting Your Mission
Your nonprofit board of directors will determine the direction of your organization. Far too often, these individuals are chosen for the wrong reasons, sabotaging your well-intentioned efforts before they ever get off the ground.

Effective nonprofit board development requires more than selecting individuals with good intentions. Like any well-run organization, you need leadership with passion, dedication and the talent to meet your nonprofit’s goals.

With increasing media coverage of fraudulent and corrupt nonprofits, it has become especially important to operate your nonprofit with transparency and efficiency.
Our nonprofit board services help you:
  • look objectively at your board of directors
  • identify your organization’s needs to assemble the best board possible
  • help you assemble a great leadership team – that perform well, not just mean well
  • identify and develop specific roles of each board member
  • create accountability and efficiency
  • engage donors and improve fundraising (friend-raising)
The roles and responsibilities of your nonprofit board reflect those found in for-profit businesses. Since ongoing donor development and contributions rely heavily on your past performance, one bad year can significantly threaten your nonprofit. Let us help you turn negative trends around before they sink your organization.
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