sales managerOne of the most important factors to have in a successful workplace is effective communication between leaders and employees. According to a study by Watson Wyatt, businesses that utilize effective communication are up to 50% more likely to have reduced turnover rates. These positive results are due to the fact that employees in a business form a team. When the team works together, productivity is at its highest and employees are more likely to be satisfied with their work.

So how can you improve your own company communication and increase the success of your business in the process?

Establish trust

The key to successful communication between an employee and a sales manager is trust. An employee isn’t likely to communicate a problem to a sales manager if they don’t trust that sales manager. Therefore, before attempting an employee development plan involving communication it’s essential that you establish a foundation of trust between yourself and your employees.

Start by encouraging non-business communication when you first meet. What are your employees’ goals in life? What are their quirks? Even something as small as an icebreaker between employees and managers can lighten the mood and open the lines of effective communication.

Prove your trustworthiness through actions, not just words

It’s one thing to establish a foundation of trust between you and your employees to keep that foundation steady. One of the best ways to do that is by improving your listening ability. People often spend up to 45% of their time listening to others when communicating. Focus your attention completely on what the other person is saying rather than planning what to say next. Not only will this improve your employees’ perception of you, but it’ll improve communication because your employee will feel what they’re saying is important to you.

Additionally, if you say you’re willing to help with a certain project or when giving advice, follow through with what you say. This will help to reduce any problems or roadblocks in communication in the future.

Leadership development is essential to effective employee training and employee education. Proper leadership developments help to improve effective communication, which reduces the risk of employee turnover and increases the productivity of a business.

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