organizational trainingThere are many aspects of business that need to be in place for a company to thrive. Not only does an organization need to have a team full of hardworking, competent, and engaging employees, but it must have its own culture of success and growth.

Organizational development training modules can help shine a positive light on your company’s culture of winning, but you might need more than a few employee education PowerPoint presentations. Consider implementing some books that focus on culture, productivity, organizational training, and growth.

Here are a few essential books that can take your business to the next level:

Tribal Leadership
Dave Logan and John King know what makes a successful company tick: culture. By breaking down the constructs of business, Logan and King use tribes and networks to show how an organization can either thrive or fall. If everyone is on board, the culture will do well and levels will rise. If there are enough bad apples, however, otherwise successful organizations are in severe jeopardy.

High Output Management
This book is a CLASSIC written by Andrew Groves, the CEO of Intel. It’s a user-friendly guide that breaks down exactly how to be an efficient manager. Call anyone who lives in Silicon Valley and ask them to name the book on their coffee table. Chances are it’s this one.

The Lean Startup
In order for a company to reach major success, it has to start from the ground-up. Eric Ries breaks down exactly how up-and-coming startup companies can maneuver through the competitive business marketplace and succeed. Not only does this book cover organizational training in terms of new companies, it will help you deal with any future success.

The Happiness Advantage
You can’t have a successful company if everyone on your payroll is unhappy. Shawn Achor’s popular 2010 book discusses exactly how to balance working hard and obtaining success, all while staying as happy as possible. Unfortunately, less than one-third of American workers are engaged in their jobs. If your employees are concerned with their own productivity levels, place a copy of this book on their desk — it’ll go a long way.

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