Q: I am having trouble hiring the right person for the job? What am I doing wrong?

Having the right employees in the right roles for the right amount of time simply cannot be downplayed. It does seem like a pretty easy concept, right? Then why do so many companies get it wrong?

During the hiring process, one major reason companies inadvertently hire the wrong people is because it is not clear on what skills or attributes they are looking for. Creating basic job descriptions for every role in the company will save time, money and painful experiences for all involved.

Another major reason that companies inadvertently hire the wrong person is that there is a lack the time allocated to management to find and screen appropriately qualified candidates as well as a lack of time to conduct effective interviews. Often the manager tasked with filling the position is stressed, carrying a heavy work load and feels rushed to fill the position with any warm body. Any manager put in this position may hire the person who may just be “good enough” and end up with him/her not being able or willing to meet company expectations. In order to avoid hiring the wrong candidate, time must be allotted to hiring managers so that they can take an appropriate amount of time to find the right types of candidates, ask the right questions, get the right people involved in asking those questions and to finally give realistic job previews to the top candidates. Supply and demand drives the availability of qualified candidates therefore every position will take a different amount of time to properly fill. For some positions, this may take 12 hours over 2 weeks; for other positions this may take 10 hours a week over 2 months.

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