Listening Leadership requires Listening

If you are frustrated with or simply tired of chaos, constant employee mistakes, missed deadlines, inefficiencies, a negative work environment, poor morale, poor company or department reputation, you can make a difference. If the hard costs are the real concern, we applaud you. Decreased profit margin, increased overtime pays, loss of productivity due to employee turnover, recruiting and training time and costs, poor customer service and loss of customers due to missed deadlines doesn’t make us happy either. We can step in and help flip those numbers around. And so can you!

The first step is to leave your ego and anger at the door and ask questions rather than bark orders or yell at the team. Ask questions such as:

  • Why was this project deadline not met?
  • Did you have all the tools you needed for this project?
  • Did you have the right people with the right skills to do this project?
  • Did you understand the objective of this project?
  • Do we need to change our processes for a future project?
  • What the deadline reasonable?
  • What can we do better next time?
  • What are our lessons learned?

Second, shut up and listen. Do not interrupt. Statements such as “I see”, “I understand”, “Can you explain more”, “How would that improve efficiencies” and “Thank you for your honest feedback” are appropriate. Gather information and feedback, then determine what is a fact and what is a perception. If you end up with more perceptions than facts, you have a leadership and communication problem, not an employee problem. 

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