If you’re searching for qualified job candidates, it’s essential that you find workers who will be a perfect fit for your business and have plenty of desirable skills. Once you find the right employees, you can provide certain organizational development training methods to improve their skills and turn them into great employees, but you need to start with competent workers in the first place.

Here are some important soft skills that hiring managers consistently search for during the interviewing process. Hopefully, being able to identify these skills in a potential employee will help you find perfect fits for whatever position you need filled in the future.

Work Ethic

Approximately 73% of employers report that they look for a solid work ethic in an employee, which makes it one of the most universal signs of a good employee. Simply put, if an employee isn’t hardworking, he or she will not last. Laziness is contagious, and a single employee’s lazy attitude can ruin a hardworking company culture — so be on the lookout for lazy candidates and tell them to keep looking.


Again, roughly 73% of employers state that they look for dependable employees when searching for potential job candidates. Dependable skills are a little more difficult to identify because they require some time; however, references can often provide valuable insight into the candidate’s reliability. If you can’t get a sense that a potential hire is trustworthy and dependable during an interview, contact their past employers and see if you can satisfy your doubts.

Positive attitude

About 72% of hiring managers hope to see a positive attitude from the interviewee. Like laziness, a negative attitude can ruin an otherwise great company culture. Try your best to find the employees who show positivity and avoid the negative ones.


Roughly 66% of employers believe self-motivation is a major key to success when it comes to employees. The truth is, motivation must come from within, and even the best managers will struggle to motivate an aimless employee. You can’t always be over your employee’s shoulder, as they will need to do plenty of work on their own. That’s why it’s important to find self-motivated workers.


Sixty percent of all hiring managers want to find an employee who can work well within a team and not just on their own. Even if you are hiring someone for a remote or contractor position, it is inevitable that he or she will have to interact with others. Independence and self-motivation are important, yes, but only if those skills can coexist with a commitment to teamwork.


Finally, 57% of hiring managers want to find a candidate with exceptional organizational skills. Again, organizational development training programs can help, along with organized sales training for those types of positions, but you need to find candidates who at least show that they want to improve their organizational skills.

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