Interactive retreats for companies used to be extremely popular, but they lost their allure in recent years. It’s time to bring them back.

If done correctly, these corporate meeting retreats can do wonders for your company culture. If you don’t spend enough time on the retreat planning process, however, you could severely damage that culture and risk harming your entire company.

In order to avoid these harmful situations following a disastrous interactive retreat, you should consider these tips during the retreat facilitation and planning process:

  • Involve everyone in major decisions — Don’t just talk at your employees, especially when it comes to major decisions involving the upcoming retreat. You need to really listen to what each and every employee has to say and hear any potential concerns. When we communicate, roughly 45% of the time should be spent listening. But managers and business owners far too often just bark orders at their employees, which can cause serious problems.

  • Don’t spend money on second-rate entertainment — If you don’t want to have entertainment at these retreats, that’s fine, but don’t shell out a few dollars for a bad tribute band. No one wants to hear that. Try to make any entertainment you do get as relevant as possible — especially to your younger employees.

  • Find a balance between fun, relaxation, and education — It’s important that these work retreats cover all three of these aspects. Without balance, everyone will likely become annoyed and frustrated and the entire retreat will be a failure. Find ways to have fun with your team, make sure to schedule time for everyone to relax and be on their own, and schedule a few educational and professional development meetings as well.

  • Avoid sharing nonessential company policies — If there is a new process for filling out certain reports or new network changes, keep these bits of information to yourself until everyone is back in the office. You should be taking these interactive retreats to focus on big picture ideas and grow your company culture, not go over small logistical aspects of business.

If you want to learn more about how these work retreats can help strengthen your business and improve your company culture, contact Black Rain Partners today.