Welcome to BlackRain Partners

People. Performance. Profit. It’s what we do!


We work with CEO’s and business leaders who are:
  • In need of positive change management
  • Focused on improving trust in leadership
  • Frustrated with the lack of communication, accountability and follow-through
  • Worried that their people are not getting along
  • Experiencing employee turnover
  • Dealing with declining repeat customers
  • Disappointed that things don’t seem to get done
  • Interested in changes in their company culture
  • Stressed about revenue and productivity
  • Worried about the impact of change on achieving their vision
  • Concerned about the future of their organization
We also work with leaders who want to avoid the above. We assess your pain points, find the root causes and implement people strategies to increase your revenue.

There is no risk. Contact us for a 30-minute, complimentary, no obligation 3P Assessment. Our goal is to provide a positive, helpful, no-pressure experience.


Qualified to solve your ‘people problems’.
Our team of experts has real-life experience working in your industry (ranging from healthcare and construction to professional services and technology and public and private, to name a few). This means we understand the challenges you are facing, how to assess them and how to create customized solutions.
Your problem is unique.

Each client we work with has had unique challenges. We have found that there is always a viable, efficient effective solution and success story. This is why we ask a lot of questions throughout our process and involve leadership and employees in the resolution.

Our areas of expertise are:
  • Employee & Leadership Development
  • Executive & Manager Coaching
  • HR & Corporate Culture
  • Change Management
  • Increasing Sales & Revenue
  • Corporate Retreats


As a company, our core values are honesty, ethics, and transparency.
Our business is our passion and we demonstrate this passion by completely focusing on our client’s organizations and the results we achieve for them. We ask the tough questions. We listen to the answers. We tell the truth, then collaborate.

We understand that our success is directly related to our ability to Drive Change That Delivers Results – the results that you want, not that we want.

“Making Rain” is all about driving productivity and revenue by placing focus on leadership, strategy, and relationships.

True prosperity and sustainability keep you in the black: BlackRain.

How Do We Do This?

We ask a lot of questions!
We work with all levels of employee’s, leadership, board members and even customers through surveys, interviews or town hall sessions. We find the root cause of the business problem and work with you to develop and implement the best solutions for your unique challenge. Our initial no-obligation consultation (3p Assessment) will give you a peek view of our style and types of questions regarding your People, Performance, and Profits.

Nine times out of ten, the root cause is people related. We engage your team to determine the corporate culture, uncover gaps in staffing, leadership or internal workflows, analyze your sales or fundraising processes and ultimately implement custom people-centric solutions that will last long term.

We do not put a Band-Aid on the symptom! We find the cause and help you fix it.
Some of the solutions that we are able to provide our clients include employee training and development and the implementation of a targeted employee development program. We also help companies and organizations design employee development training and soft skills training courses that improve communication skills, as well as every work relationship aspect of the business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"BlackRain Partners has been an integral part of our overall strategy and growth efforts. They bring a fresh, energetic and reality based approach that has worked well for the Chamber of Commerce."
Frank Hale — Employee Training and Development in Orlando, FL
Frank Hale
Greater Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce
"The BlackRain team were excellent to work with. Very professional and accommodating. Wendy is awesome and tailored training to our needs. We have a great deal of trust with BlackRain Partners."
Human Resources
Rosen Hotels & Resorts